AE Graduation Requirements

The name of the degree awarded by the Program is “Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical)”.

The current graduation requirements for students entering the Faculty of Engineering in fall 2009 or later is that they must complete 155 credit units with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 (out of 5) or higher, and satisfy the curricular requirements of the Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical) Program. As detailed in Criterion 5 of the present Self-Study Report.

Students whose GPA is lower than 2.75 but have otherwise fulfilled all other graduation requirements must retake enough of the engineering courses in which their grade is lower than C to bring their GPA up to the 2.75 minimum.

The typical study period is five years. Students are expected to graduate after 10 semesters of study and one summer internship term. Students are dismissed from the Program if they do not fulfill the graduation requirements within a maximum of 15 semesters. Under certain circumstances, the University Council may give the student an exceptional opportunity to complete the graduation requirements beyond 15 semesters.

The process to ensure and document that each student satisfies the graduation requirements starts with the student submitting a “Request for Graduation” form electronically on the Student Information System (ODUS Plus). The request is automatically forwarded to their academic advisor, who checks whether all requirements have been fulfilled. The academic advisor either approves or rejects the request. In case the request is denied, the student is informed of the reason(s). If the advisor approves the request, it is forwarded it to the FOE registrar at the Deanship of Admission and Registration (DAR). The registrar checks that all curriculum requirements are satisfied, that the total number of credit hours has reached the minimum required, and that the student’s GPA is at least equal to the minimum required by the Faculty. In this case, the graduation request is approved. Otherwise, it is rejected, and the reasons for rejection are sent to the academic advisor and the student.

The process of ensuring and documenting that each graduate has completed the graduation requirement is summarized in the following Figure

The transcripts of students in the Program indicate the following:

Degree:                       Bachelor of Science

College:                       Engineering

Major:                         Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering)


Process for Ensuring Completion of Graduation Requirements

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